Why invest in Helical Capital Partners funds

At Helical Capital Partners we have the knowledge to maximise opportunities in global private markets through our partnership with Partners Group, a leading global private markets investment manager.

We offer investors - from asset managers, pension funds and multi-managers, to family offices and private wealth managers - access to attractive, international private markets offerings covering primary, secondary and direct investments in private equity, private debt, private infrastructure and private real estate.


Interested in investing?


Helical Capital Partners offer


Exposure to an international integrated portfolio of primary, secondary and direct private equity

track record

Exclusive access to a leading, international private markets investment manager with an established 20-year track record

high returns

High relative returns in international private markets funds


Investors will potentially have indirect access to up to 3,500 underlying companies, spanning multiple sectors and geographies.


The Partners Group Global Value 2019 (USD) S-A investment program, sponsored by Helical Capital Partners and managed by Partners Group, provides South African investors with access to the global private equity market using a unique relative value investment approach. By systematically identifying and investing into the most attractive segments of the private equity market over time, the programme aims to provide consistent risk-adjusted returns and outperform the market benchmarks.


Benefits for South African investors

  • Access to proven international private equity management experience
  • Reduced "J-curve" effect through use of secondary investments and strong pipeline in direct investments
  • Well diversified through allocation to primary and secondary investments – programmes can have exposure of up to 3,500 underlying companies
  • Reduced fee load compared to traditional fund of funds due to no ‘additional’ fees by local manager
  • Bespoke reporting and roadshow feedback for South African investors
Helical track record infographic 1


Private equity as an asset class has consistently outperformed the listed equity market over the long term.

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The team at Helical Capital partners has vast experience in the private equity industry including;

  • concluding successful private equity transactions globally;
  • bespoke investor reporting;
  • participation in limited partner advisory committees;
  • compliance and investor KYC requirements
  • sponsorship and formation of private equity funds in South Africa and international jurisdictions
  • participation in investment committees and chairing governance committees within portfolio companies

Partners Group has a successful track record of investing over USD100 billion in global private markets for over two decades.

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In recent years, private equity has become a key element of the investment strategy of many pension funds, endowment funds, institutions and wealthy individuals. The primary reason relates to the improvement in asset allocation and the high relative returns that private equity brings to a portfolio of investments. The improvement in the asset allocation with the addition of private equity reduces the overall risk of the investment portfolio even though it is perceived as a riskier asset class.


Our investment offering provides diversification across various geographies, underlying currencies, industries and sectors. For the South African investor, gaining exposure to a basket of foreign currency denominated private equity assets, spread across various geographic locations, provides solid portfolio diversification benefits.


Table for underlying companies:

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Geographical and asset diversification:

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